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About OliveX
OliveX is a digital health and fitness company delivering unique user experiences through fitness gamification, augmented reality, and play-to-earn experiences. The OliveX fitness metaverse provides platforms that enable real-world fitness to merge with the digital universe in order to engage consumers with brands, influencers, and coaches. OliveX is designed for those who exercise at home, at the gym, or outdoors in over 170 countries.



As a digital lifestyle company, OliveX aims to improve the integration of technology with fitness to create an interactive fitness metaverse.

Through gamifying fitness, Olivex hopes to make exercise more fun and motivate more people to improve their fitness.

Create a fitness metaverse

Introduce NFT's to the fitness scene

Use physical activity to level up in-game

Earn tokens from exercise

Create an OliveX virtual environment

Gamify fitness

Motivate users to exercise

Diversify workouts

Improve accessibility to fitness resources

Integrate technology with fitness

Meet our team

Sonny Vu

Non-Executive Chairman

Yat Siu

Non-Executive Director

Keith Rumjahn

CEO and Founder

Xavier Kris

Chair of Board and Advisory Board Member

Maja McGuire

Director of Board

David Do

Director of Board

Mary Chow

Chief Financial Officer

Adrian Hon

Chief Innovation Officer

Andy Hall

Chief Operations Officer

John Bell

Advisory Board

Karen Contet

Independent Non-Exec Director

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OliveX is a digital health and wellbeing company, harnessing smart technology and artificial intelligence to push the boundaries of the fitness industry.